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MDS COM was founded in 2004 by Michaela Demissy.
She has worked in the automotive communications and marketing sector for a long time.
MDS COM is a specialist in international press and public relations.

MDS COM offers its clients tailored concepts and genuine expertise in press relations, with a strong strategic and marketing approach. The agency works in B2B as well as B2C at a national and international level, and supports small businesses which need to increase recognition as well as broader multinationals.





Member of the network

  automotive Automotive PR is the biggest international communications consultancy network specialising in the automotive sector. It is present in 33 countries throughout the world, with 18 APR offices operating globally: London, Cologne, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Amsterdam, Brussels, Stockholm, Katowice, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Tokyo, New Delhi, Dubai, Detroit, Cape Town and Mexico City; with local partners in Central Europe, Russia, South America and Mexico. More than 100 clients benefit from APR’s services; the network has more than 100 permanent co-workers, all experts in the automotive sector.


ZF, Safety Days

On the Jean-Pierre Beltoise circuit

safetydays Every two years, the car parts manufacturer ZF gathers its customers on the Jean-Pierre Beltoise circuit, near Paris, and entrusts the press event organization to MDS COM. It is the opportunity for the company to unveil its latest innovations in terms of braking, airbags, clutch, radar sensors and cameras. For this edition, the focus was on security. Watch the video of the event and the interview with Thierry Métais, Vice President of Sales of ZF worldwide and Managing Director of ZF TRW (Paris La Défense), on "Le Mobiliste" website.

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