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What's our vision for the evolution of PR? ?

It’s their time to shine. Press or media relations have long been a preferred communications tool for companies of all sizes. But today, more than ever, companies are seeking credibility with their customers and hunting for leads. Against this backdrop, where inbound marketing has put qualitative, customized content back in the saddle, traditional and digital PR is back in vogue. A pillar of “Earned Media”, it’s one of the most effective communication tools available, provided you know how to use it!

Press relations, frequently renamed media relations, have become increasingly important. Today, it encompasses a wider sphere of influencers, from journalists and bloggers to the new social network influencers, but it is also continuing to evolve, becoming resolutely digital. From the SEO-friendly press release to the virtual press conference, from the press event to the phygital or hybrid trade show, Media Relations are reinventing themselves, customizing and adapting to suit every need.

What our agency has to offer ?

Our PR team works with you to analyze communication opportunities, create, adapt and optimize content and messages to suit your needs and the specific characteristics of your markets and audiences.

Our press & media relations services

Press Relations Strategy

Definition of a PR strategy, implementation of an action plan, analysis of communication opportunities based on current events and support in the implementation and monitoring of your Press & Media Relations, ...

Digital PR & SEO friendly

Consulting, writing and distribution of press releases or press kits, customized targeting of media, sections and journalists, distribution via a dedicated platform, digital approach to facilitate the journalist's work and meet natural referencing requirements, etc.

On-site and online press events

Organization of press events and press conferences, in person, by videoconference or in hybrid format. Venue management, media invitations, follow-up with journalists, preparation of speakers, technical support, etc.

Coaching & Media Training

Codes and reflexes for successful individual interviews, press conferences and crisis communications. Reminder of the basics, elaboration of key messages, role-playing, ...

International Press Relations

Deployment of PR actions in other target markets, translation & adaptation of press releases, international press conferences, press visits or press events for the international press, etc.

Press Relations Pack

Media awareness campaigns at trade shows in France and abroad. High-impact, high-visibility strategy with target media before, during and after the show, ...

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Press relations have evolved to become more digital and personalized. It is no longer limited to journalists, but extends to a wider range of influencers. What’s more, modern PR is SEO-friendly, which means it’s optimized for search engines, increasing visibility and impact. It also takes into account the increasingly demanding nature of journalists’ work.

We take a holistic approach to content creation, considering SEO requirements and best practices for each communication channel. Our content is adapted for a variety of platforms, including blogs, newsletters and social networks, and is always aligned with corporate objectives.

Absolutely. Advertising has evolved to become more subtle and integrated, without losing visibility. With digital advertising, companies can target their audience more effectively. Advertising campaigns are also measurable and scalable, offering greater flexibility.

International communication is crucial for companies seeking to expand on a global scale. It enables a consistent brand image to be conveyed, while adapting methods and messages to the cultural and linguistic specificities of each market. This requires expertise in communications strategy, content adaptation, and a presence via a local communications agency that masters the country’s codes. To ensure consistency in international communication, we use our international network of agencies to guarantee that all elements of communication, from message to tone to channels used, are adapted to local cultures while respecting the overall objectives of the communication strategy.

Our team are SEO experts and follow best practices to ensure that content is not only of high quality but also optimized for search engines. This includes the use of appropriate tags, article length, and relevant keywords.