Content strategy and creation

Content, a vast field of opportunities and synergies[?[.

Content is king! We assure you that this isn’t just another catchphrase. Content has taken on unprecedented importance. It is the backbone of Inbound Marketing and the keystone of Owned Media.

Content is everywhere: customer newsletters, internal blogs, website content, blog articles, posts and articles for LinkedIn, Facebook & Co., press releases, brochures and other point-of-sale material, etc.

Content takes all forms, written and visual: written articles, infographics and photos, videos are the stars and make natural referencing and SEO a joy.

However, the task is becoming more complex: it’s no longer enough to write a quality article to feed your blog and newsletter. No, an article has to be the right length, contain the right keywords and lexical field, respect the H1 to H6 tags, etc. to please Google and the SEO rules it imposes on us. The rhythm of publication must be fairly sustained, and the time of publication of a newsletter or post must not be left to chance.

In other words, this is no time for improvisation. From now on, you’ll need to entrust your content marketing project to an agency, train in SEO or read every book on the subject!

What does our agency have to offer?

At MDS COM, we've been generating content since the agency was founded, and we've kept up with the new editorial practices imposed by Google. Our team develops content according to the rules of the art, respecting SEO and the codes of the various communication channels.

Our strategy & content creation services

Content strategy and synergies

Multi-channel communication for high visibility. New products or services, customer testimonials, advice and other value-added content. Create synergies to adapt content to all channels: press releases, blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, advertorials, etc.

Translation & content adaptation

Translation of all types of documents: press releases, articles, brochures, presentations, posts, advertorials. Adaptation of texts to ensure smooth, high-quality reading, adapted to the target audience and sector.

SEO-friendly content writing & html language

Copywriting for the Internet, integrating SEO aspects to boost natural referencing while guaranteeing quality content for blogs, advertorials, press releases, websites, etc. Html coding of blog articles for immediate online publication.

Blog and Newsletters from A to Z

SEO-compliant writing of blog articles for SEO optimization. Writing and management of newsletters from conception to distribution.

Social networking

Preparation of content for the main social networks. Strategy & Advice, distribution schedule, messages and themes, tone, frequency of publication, definition of hashtags, etc.

Website copywriting

Copywriting for websites. SEO-compliant copywriting, optimizing keywords, tags, text length, respecting site layout, etc.

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Press relations have evolved to become more digital and personalized. It is no longer limited to journalists, but extends to a wider range of influencers. What’s more, modern PR is SEO-friendly, which means it’s optimized for search engines, increasing visibility and impact. It also takes into account the increasingly demanding nature of journalists’ work.

We take a holistic approach to content creation, considering SEO requirements and best practices for each communication channel. Our content is adapted for a variety of platforms, including blogs, newsletters and social networks, and is always aligned with corporate objectives.

Absolutely. Advertising has evolved to become more subtle and integrated, without losing visibility. With digital advertising, companies can target their audience more effectively. Advertising campaigns are also measurable and scalable, offering greater flexibility.

International communication is crucial for companies seeking to expand on a global scale. It enables a consistent brand image to be conveyed, while adapting methods and messages to the cultural and linguistic specificities of each market. This requires expertise in communications strategy, content adaptation, and a presence via a local communications agency that masters the country’s codes. To ensure consistency in international communication, we use our international network of agencies to guarantee that all elements of communication, from message to tone to channels used, are adapted to local cultures while respecting the overall objectives of the communication strategy.

Our team are SEO experts and follow best practices to ensure that content is not only of high quality but also optimized for search engines. This includes the use of appropriate tags, article length, and relevant keywords.