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Our team of communication specialists has been supporting our clients since 2004 in Press & Media Relations, Content Creation and Media Buying, in France and internationally.

The MDS COM team deploys all its energy to contribute to the notoriety and credibility of companies, to shape the perception of their audiences and to enhance their offer in France and abroad. Through a multitude of communication channels and networks of influence, we work alongside our clients to promote the influence and success of their companies.

The digital revolution is transforming communication!

The codes of communication have changed. At a time when the Internet is all-powerful and the customer is becoming an actor in a company’s communication, communication is a delicate exercise that must be considered with the utmost care. Your brand image is at stake.

Press relations have become media relations. Gone are the strict boundaries between journalist, blogger and influencer. The target audience has broadened considerably, but the codes are not the same.

The advent of Inbound Marketing has changed the way companies communicate with their customers. Strategy and the creation of tailor-made content adapted to the audience have become a major concern. However, it is no longer enough to know how to write an article for a website, a newsletter or a blog. It must also serve the natural referencing. Without the inevitable SEO optimization, the content, as exciting as it is, does not produce all the added value on its own.

Not to mention advertising, which is undergoing a profound change due to the digital revolution. Online advertising, banners, skyscrapers and others allow us to better understand the impact of advertising campaigns. But it is digital or even programmatic advertising that makes advertising campaigns more effective, more flexible and more targeted than ever.


The international and intercultural agency

Since 2004, we have been assisting all types of companies in their communication in France and abroad. From the strategy and deployment of Press & Media Relations to Media Planning & Media Buying and the creation of content in compliance with SEO rules, we put our expertise at the service of our clients, whether they are start-ups, SMEs or multinationals.

We are in a context of perpetual change. Globalisation and digitalisation require a strong capacity to adapt. Our teams are international, we are a founding member of a network of agencies established in many countries allowing for easy internationalisation of communication thanks to local teams. We welcome the digitalisation of communication as an opportunity to increase the reputation and credibility of our clients.

Communication is our passion and we like to share it!


This is the number of years of experience of our agency, of expertise in communication, of knowledge of the sectors of activity in which we operate.


The number of countries and markets we cover through our international agency network.



This is the number of clients that we and our partner agencies support, over 100 clients who use one or more of our services on a regular basis.

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Our list of services does not end there. We will adapt to your particular needs.

History of our agency

  1. Creation of the agency

    Since its creation, MDS COM has been led by a close-knit, dynamic, passionate and international team.

  2. Loyal customers

    This is proof of effective cooperation and mutual trust. We have been working with some of our clients for more than 15 years.

  3. Internationalisation

    MDS COM is one of the founding members of the APR international communication network and its exclusive representative for France.

  4. Our network is expanding

    Our first clients use our network to deploy international press relations campaigns.

  5. Historical results

    A record year after continuous growth since the agency's creation.

  6. A new website

    Always at your service with the same enthusiasm, despite an unprecedented crisis. We are celebrating with a brand new website. The 4th one since the creation.

Internationalisation of communication projects overnight

Deploying the global communication strategy in various countries requires local know-how!

The globalisation of markets and companies has not been without consequences for communication. Think global, act local” is more relevant than ever in terms of communication. Establishing a global strategy and thinking about press relations on a European or even global scale is an imperative. In the age of the web, it is indeed essential to relay homogeneous and coherent messages in all targeted markets. However, in order to be heard and to ensure that messages reach the target of professional clients or the general public, it is essential to adapt them at all levels, whether it be the language of the country, its codes, the habits of the press, clients and the public. We are all over-solicited, the journalist receives hundreds of press releases a day, the professional hundreds of emails, the consumer hundreds of messages from all sources, a good reason to put all the chances on your side to stand out from the crowd.

Internalisation de projets de communication - MDS COM

Not only can we advise you on communication strategy and best practice, but thanks to our multilingual and multicultural team and our international agency network, our clients can quickly adapt the actions and relay the global strategy throughout Europe and beyond, according to their needs and target markets.

A range of skills adapted to your needs…
  1. A tailor-made PR strategy: we develop a qualitative approach in line with your marketing and sales objectives.
  2. Relevant and targeted messages: we offer you effective methods and tools for an optimal distribution of your messages.
  3. The immediate possibility to internationalise your communication projects We are an intercultural and quadrilingual agency (French, German, English, Spanish).
  4. Reactivity, flexibility and time saving: with us, you have a dedicated contact person surrounded by a network of partners, always available and listening to you.
  5. Respect for your operating methods: our independence and flexibility allow us to integrate naturally into your projects.
  6. Evaluate and know your results: we provide you with precise analyses and reports to evaluate your press coverage and calculate your return on investment.

MDS COM’s strength lies in our complementary expertise in media relations, media planning and content creation. This integrated approach enables us to create unique synergies for our customers. For example, our media relations expertise can be used to amplify the content we create, while our media planning know-how ensures that this content reaches the right audience at the right time. This holistic approach not only maximizes ROI, but also creates a consistent and powerful brand experience for our customers.

The world of communications is in a constant state of flux, especially with the rapid advent of digital technologies. At MDS COM, we see these changes as opportunities rather than challenges. Our teams are constantly trained in the latest technologies and trends, from SEO copywriting to digital advertising. Our adaptability enables us to stay at the forefront of innovation, offering our customers solutions that not only meet today’s challenges, but also prepare them for the future.


How does the agency integrate SEO into content creation?


Content creation is at the heart of any successful communications strategy. At MDS COM, SEO best practices are integrated right from the start of the content creation process. Teams are trained in the latest SEO technologies and trends, ensuring that content is not only engaging, but also optimized for search engines.

In a globalized world, effective communication requires an understanding of local markets. MDS COM is a founding member of an international agency network, offering local expertise in 33 countries. Multilingual and multicultural teams are able to adapt communications strategy to the specific needs of each market, ensuring global consistency while respecting local nuances.